Council on Rural Services and Kids Learning Place is committed to improving the lives of children and their families. Research tells us that a child’s early learning years are the most important in developing lifelong learning patterns. We must recommit to ensuring that each and every child experiences the type of early environment – at home, at child care, at school, and in the community – that will promote their early learning and their later success.

The purpose of the “Week of the Young Child” is to focus public attention on young children and their families. During this week of April 10 – 16, Council on Rural Services encourages community members to become involved. YOU can make a difference in small ways that could have an effect on children in great ways; share your interests, culture, or talents in a classroom or volunteer to read with children.

“We feel that celebrating “Week of the Young Child” gives us the opportunity to make everyone aware of issues affecting children in our communities” said Shirley Hathaway, Executive Director of Council on Rural Services. “Even in these difficult economic times we must always put our children’s education as a high priority; we must do more to create opportunities to help all children succeed.” Shirley continued, “If we fail to make the investment, we will all pay the price of increased delinquency, greater educational failures, lowered productivity, and fewer adults prepared to be effective, loving parents to the next generation of children.”

The local Kids Learning Place in Darke County at Greenville, Bradford, and Union City are focusing on young children and their families with planned activities in the center each day. Some of the activities include a balloon launch, Family Game Night, Story Time with Julie from the Greenville Library, and a Wonder Walk for March of Dimes.

Kids Learning Place designs their early education programs to promote school readiness by providing high-quality learning experiences that include teachers with degrees in every classroom, using a research based curriculum, and encouraging parent participation. All the centers have earned the “Step Up To Quality” star award that recognizes programs that exceed licensing standards.

By working together; child care centers, Head Start programs, preschools, and elementary schools can give young children a great start with better access to high-quality education and learning environments. We encourage you to become involved too.

If you need information about Kids Learning Place and our centers in Darke County, call 1-866-627-4557. For more information about the programs at Council on Rural Services, see the web at www.councilonruralservices.org or visit our Facebook page at 
http://www.facebook.com/councilonruralservices to see all the great activities happening at the agency for all ages.

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