>Darke County Parks Begins Spring School Visits

>Spring is here and the school students have not forgotten where Shawnee Prairie Preserve is located. They are arriving eagerly to learn something new each and every day. Versailles Exempted and Mississinawa Valley 2nd grade students kicked off the beginning of the busy spring school trips this year.

The second graders from Versailles attended our Positively Plants program and learned the parts of a plant, their function, and life cycle. The students also enjoyed a hike while focusing on all the different stages of a plant and how the different animals use them.

Mississinawa Valley students explored another program, which is offered by the Naturalist Staff at DCP, A Look at Habitats. The program is based around Ohio’s animals and their basic needs. The students determined the different factors that all animals take into consideration when finding their own habitat along with discovering how a grassland food chain works.

A huge thanks goes out to Margaret Hensel, Ginny Bertram, Donna Carney and Marilyn Robbins for volunteering with the school programs. Thank you again Ladies!

For more information on upcoming events, please visit our website at www.darkecountyparks.org or call the Nature Center at 937.548.0165.

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