>400 Books Collected for Kiwanis One Day


Kiwanians Holly Hill and Mary Lane separate
donated books for distribution to different grade
levels for Greenville’s Kiwanis
International One Day Event on April 2

Greenville Kiwanis chose a week-long book drive for the Kiwanis International One Day Event. The community service organization collected about 400 books for distribution to schools and local agencies.

Kiwanians Holly Hill and Lynne Gump, organizers of the event, said they set up a drive to have students from Woodland Heights, East and South Elementary Schools bring in “gently used” books that they have outgrown so they can be recycled and distributed for use by the students coming in behind them.

“The schools were delighted to participate,” they said, noting that the books would go into the school libraries. “In addition, many of the teachers have their own ‘stash’ that they make available to their students.”

About 2,500 flyers were sent home to parents through their children. On Kiwanis One Day – Saturday, April 2 – several Greenville Kiwanians separated the books for different grades as their contribution. Kiwanians around the world were doing their own local projects at the same time.

Only seven books were deemed unsuitable or too damaged to recycle. They will be donated as follows: 170 to Woodland Heights, 78 to East, 54 to South, 78 to Head Start and 13 to Michael’s Home.

Participating in the event were Kiwanians Gump, Hill, Mary Lane, Dale Musser, Al Greiner, Jim Schaar, Joe Payne, Bob Robinson and several other volunteers.

Kiwanis One Day is an annual international event.

“It’s a global effort,” according to Kiwanis International, “but it’s made of personal commitments.”

The purpose is to inspire a worldwide spirit of service that begins with the local club.

“There will be no limit to what you can do… and no boundaries on your spirit of fellowship.”

Greenville Kiwanis meets each Wednesday at noon at the Chestnut Community Center at Brethren Retirement Community. Want to serve your community, and the kids in your community? Stop by and check us out.

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