>GREENVILLE – The Darke County Visitors Bureau released the names of the recipients of the 2011 Darke County Tourism Grant, today. This year, five recipients were chosen. They are: Darke County Historical Society for A Gathering at The Museum; Versailles High School Alumni Association for FareFest 2011; Ohio Gourd Society for The Ohio Gourd Show; Greenville Girls Softball Association for The Treaty City Shootout Softball Tournament and Darke Countians for Wildlife Conservation for the Bluebird Festival.

“With the award of these grants, the bureau has taken another step toward achieving its mission of enhancing the economic growth of Darke County through the promotion and development of tourism,” stated Daryl Riffle, President of the Darke County Visitors Bureau Board of Trustees.

Funds are made available to non-profit tourism attractions and organizations sponsoring special events and programs in Darke County. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis, with primary consideration given to applications, which: (1) attract overnight visitors; (2) attract visitors from more than 50 miles outside of Darke County and (3) feature new or expanded events or programs.

“This grant program is designed to encourage creative thinking to gain “new” money from tourist into our community,” stated Executive Director, Deanna York. “Many new ideas and concepts were presented during this process. The bureau encourages local non-profit organizations to continue to think outside the box and apply for this grant.”

To learn more about these events as well as other festivals and activities taking place in Darke County, please visit http://www.DiscoverOurLegends.com.

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 Shawn Shaffer, Greenville Girls Softball Association; Ken DeMange, Versailles High School Alumni Association; Bob Welch, Darke Countians for Wildlife Conservation; Deanna York, Darke County Visitors Bureau; Clay Johnson, Darke County Historical Society and Gordon Smith, Ohio Gourd Society.
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