>Come To Your Senses with “Dining in the Darke”


Main Street Greenville is happy to announce its fourth annual “Dining in the Darke” event to be held on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. The event will be a unique expedition into a world of sensuous flavors, smells, and texture using fresh local food from Darke County.
Arriving to a warm welcome and a few words of orientation, guests will be given a uniquely constructed blindfold called a “Mindfold”. Once everyone is immersed in total “darkeness”, guests are gently guided into the dining room where a decadent, three-course meal will be served.
Without vision, information from other senses becomes more noticeable and conversation becomes more intimate. Guests will discover the mysteries of the menu – designed by The Bistro’s chef Lisa Voisard – by using their senses of smell, taste, and touch. To ensure that participants enjoy the full experience, the menu will not be revealed until the evening’s close.
“This year we bring local Darke County foods to the palette to really make flavors and freshness apparent. We encourage participants to explore our downtown while in our community, so we have created an itinerary of sorts of our favorite spots and stops in and around downtown to make for a great afternoon excursion,” stated Becky Dynes, Main Street Greenville volunteer and event coordinator.
Individual tickets are now available for $35. A private table for eight may be reserved for $260. Tickets and tables can be purchased at The Bistro Off Broadway located at 117 E. Fifth Street, Greenville, OH 45331, or by dialing 937-316-5000.

Day trip itinerary and past Dining in the Darke experiences can be found on DowntownGreenville.org. For more information contact Main Street Greenville by dialing 937-548-4998.

Main Street Greenville would like to thank the event sponsor, KitchenAid Experience® Retail Center, the only KitchenAid® brand store in the world located in downtown Greenville.

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