>2010: DarkeJournal year in review

>So what were the biggest Darke County stories of 2010? Here are some of the story lines that generated the most user comments during the last year …

The Greenville City School Levy fails three times: By far, the most commented upon story in 2010 was Greenville’s ongoing effort to pass its school building levy. There are too many stories to list but here were a few of the most active.

* 128 comments – February 3rd – Greenville levy goes down
* 60 comments – August 3rd – Levy too close to call (but doesn’t look good)

Group sex offender housing in Greenville: On May 12th, DarkeJournal revealed that 12 convicted sex offenders were living in three Greenville Homes. That story generated 79 comments – and a handful of follow-up stories generated similar interest, including: No place for sex offenders to live? … with 56 comments.

Mike Stegall runs for commissioner: For whatever reason, Stegall was a lightning rod for comments. On January 26th, DarkeJournal announced that Mike Stegall would be running for commissioner – 39 comments. Stegall frequently submitted policy articles to DarkeJournal, which always generated a lot of interest, but created an especially active discussion with his now-famous July 24th article titled Two Cans of Pop.

Don Wright stirring the pot: Don Wright erected his “Hope and Change” sign in June – and then later announced that The fat lady had sung.
ObamaCare passes in Congress: On March 19th Wayne Deschambeau’s article “Single Payer is not the Answer” generated 17 comments. On March 22nd, an open thread was posted which was titled “Democrats pass healthcare – forfeit November elections.” Hey – it turns out that prediction was correct – and prompted 67 comments at the time.
Lady Antebellum: In January, the Fair Board announced Lady Antebellum as its featured artist for the 2010 Fair; in March, the Fair Board explained problems involved with purchasing tickets.

Some other story lines that interested readers … State report cards for Darke County Schools (8/27 – 41 comments); Terrence Lee Keaser’s late-night rant about pride (8/28 – 63 comments); Broadway Joe’s loses its lease (1/19 – 44 comments); Wave coach suspended for one game (1/23 – 30 comments); The end of the line for Colony Restaurant (2/18 – 17 comments, photos deleted); Chaos at the Darke County TEA Party meeting (4/20 – 33 comments); The proposed tax on Eldora tickets (4/20 – 46 comments); and Airplains! (8/6 – 37 comments)

And the most surprising triple-digit comment story of the year … Busting out in Ansonia (5/28 – 106 comments).

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