>Service of the Longest Night, December 19 at 7 PM


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Or is it?

Let’s face it. Sometimes, depending on our circumstances, Christmas isn’t joyful. Some may be grieving the loss of a loved one. Others may be dealing with the reality of a job layoff or termination. Illness may have hit the family. Or…. you get the idea.

We live in a culture that tells people they should be happy at Christmas, that families should all love each other, and we should have no sorrow in our lives. But the reality for many people is that the Christmas season is bittersweet. They’d like to be rejoicing, but their personal sorrows or general “blahs” get in the way. The darkness may seem overwhelming, the night long.

This is the reason for the Service of the Longest Night, so named for two reasons: first, it is held on or near the date of the vernal equinox, the longest night of the year. It is also held for the simple reason that for many who are facing hardship, the darkness seems overwhelming.

In an effort to offer light and hope in the darkness, for the fifth straight year First United Methodist Church of Greenville will hold this Service of the Longest Night, which includes prayers, songs, scriptures and candle lighting. The service is open to anyone in the community who finds the season difficult. Light refreshments will be served following this beautiful service of hope.

First United Methodist Church is located in Greenville on the corner of 4th and Sycamore streets, across from the library. For more information, call Pastor Joe Payne at 937 548 3075. All are welcome to attend.

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