>The Gordon Town Hall by Abraham Lincoln – Memories


The building that we know as “The Town Hall” was originally built as a new Methodist Church after that group and the local Baptist Church members had a “falling-out.” Lot 4 was purchased from Andrew Klinger for $30 and a building project was started. Members erected a frame church and dedicated it in 1861. They spent a total of $1,000.
When I grew up in Gordon, the building was used as a town hall and it was a place for townspeople to go to vote. It was also used throughout the 1940s for “Medicine Shows.” The people who put on the shows lived in very small house trailers parked on the east side of East Street where two vacant Lots (47 and 48) used to be during the Second World War.
Adults attended every night there was a performance. I think admission was free and the place was packed with kids and parents. Sometimes parents bought the medicine but more often than not, no medicine would be sold, or very few bottles of it were sold. Of course, they also sold snacks to adults and kids alike. When it was cold, in the winter, someone had to keep the stoves going.

The entertainment was slap stick — at times bordering on vulgar but with a good sense of humor. The shows were always very patriotic because of the war. I remember people left feeling better than when they got there. So, in that respect, the town hall was good for the people of Gordon during the war years. Now that I come to think of it, those were lonesome years for a lot of people, especially for the parents, wives and sweethearts of those serving in the Armed Forces.
NB: I have enclosed a photograph of the building when it was almost new. The streets are still mud or dirt and the fences to keep the wolves out were made from local boards. Everyone living in Gordon, Ohio during World War II will remember these events at the Town Hall. The building is still in use and I think it is where the local residents go to vote and it is also a place for the town council to meet.

Submitted by Abraham Lincoln.

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    >Interesting. Was this the same building the town council met in?

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