>Bill Beagle scores upset win in 5th Senate District


Ohio’s newest State Senator, Bill Beagle of Tipp City, Ohio stayed up late Tuesday night waiting for the final counts to come in. While Darke County and Miami County completed their counting early. it was well past 11PM before the votes in Montgomery County made it apparent that Fred Strahorn was not going to win Ohio’s 5th District.

Senator-elect Beagle shared, “I knew that the first results were going to not swing our way, but over time we saw some more positive results for the evening”. “We expected a close race, we knew that we would have to wait until every vote was counted, but we knew that our hard work was going to pay off. Bill continued, “I know that during the campaign there was a lot of talk about the money was spent on media, we knocked on 15,000 doors and then we touched another 15,000 residents in the district with our literature.” Our campaign worked the fairs and festivals, meeting the voters … There was a lot of ‘retail’ campaigning as well as media campaigning.”

~ read the full story at TippNews.com.

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