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>JD spotted an eerie mask in the sky on Halloween … do you see it?


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>Full size van on fire at 127 and Sebring Warner

>Around 1:00 PM on Sunday, Greenville Twp. Fire Dept. was dispatched to the report of a van fire at Sebring Warner and US 127. Upon arrival they found a van pulling a camper fully involved in the north bound lane of US 127 just south of Sebring Warner Rd. In the pictures, GTFD Firefighters work to extinguish the blaze. The white glare is actually smoke which could be seen for a couple. [info from badge1]

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>Marco’s Pizza pick’em winner for Week 10: Dave Horner


There was only one player in the final week to pick all the games correctly: Dave Horner.

Norman Christian picked 5 games correctly this week (missing the Greenville game), and if memory serves correctly, only missed 3 picks the entire season. Great job!

Thanks to Marco’s Pizza for sponsoring the Pick’em contest. Coming soon … The Montage Cafe basketball challenge.

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>What’s Happening at Garst Museum?

>Examples of a case full of wonderful tintype early photographs now on display at Garst Museum until November 15. Judging from the clothing most of them are estimated as being Civil War era. Notice the pantaloons on the little girl.

Friday, October 29 volunteers, staff and docents enjoyed a Halloween Luncheon at the Museum. In the photograph at the left is a chance to see “Annie Oakley” of Garst Gala publicity photos fame (Marilyn Robbins). Marilyn is also Membership Chairman and welcomes everyone in the county who wish to become a member of the “museum family”.

This luncheon is given in appreciation of the many volunteers who add to the success of the museum’s programs. Anyone interested in becoming a member or a volunteer please call the museum 548-5250.

Photos: B. Martin

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>American Pride by Elizabeth Horner


An eleventh grade student of Greenville High School, Elizabeth Horner,
speaks about American Pride and what we owe to our Veterans.
Horner has participated in honoring our Veterans since a young age.

Recently, she was given the American flag, WWII Memorabilia and service
medals of Don Nease of Darke County, a WWII Veteran and her Great Uncle,
 to keep and treasure.

I am one of those species who will return to my nest after having an adventure of wherever life takes me. I will always be an American child despite the fact that I am a product of mixed race. I will also remain one of Darke County’s daughters. I have this patriotic thing in my veins. However, I have a strong point of view as to what patriotism means to me.

When I was in elementary school, we had a student guest from overseas. This student wanted to go shopping for something to take back to her home country. Guess what? Did she buy something made in America? No, she spent hours, until our feet hurt walking, looking for a watch made from another country!

That bothered me so much then … but since I’m older, my thoughts are different.
I want “Made in America” to mean something that people wants to buy because it means “quality and you get what you paid for”!

I don’t believe in entreating people to do the “patriotic” thing because all it is doing is putting us at a disadvantage. There is so much burgeoning talent in America and right here in Darke County. This country gave birth to airplanes, light bulbs, telephones, bifocals, blue jeans, global positioning system, Adobe Flash, Mars’ Rovers, DNA testing, the list goes on, and on…. Give us, the young budding minds, the tools and your mentoring to explore our ingenuities so we may continue to keep “Made in America” respected around the world and a real source of our American pride! We owe it — to our Veterans!

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>Saturday sunset by DB


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>Another photo club winner: Cheryl Duncan in the unclassified category

>Very cool … but what is it?