>Zehringer Honored As "Watchdog of the Treasury"


Jim Zehringer and the award presenter

 State Representative Jim Zehringer was today awarded Watchdog of the Treasury Award. The award recognizes key legislators or policymakers every year who work tirelessly to restore responsible limited government, lower taxes, encourage free enterprise and regulatory relief, and promote personal freedom. 

”I am so honored to receive this award from the United Conservatives of Ohio,” said Zehringer. “Ohioans want a government that will not get in the way of their financial prosperity. The sort of fiscal responsibility I advocate for in the legislature can help Ohioans to reach this goal. Currently, our state government is overtaxing and overspending. I am working to fix this situation so that Ohio can enjoy economic success.”
The award was presented at a ceremony in Columbus, held by the United Conservatives of Ohio. The United Conservatives of Ohio supports the responsible spending of taxpayers’ dollars, the elimination of government waste, and the free-market system of competition among private sector firms. The organization strives to promote fiscally responsible public policy through legislation and works with the legislature to make state spending more accountable. [this entire story was nabbed from mercercountyoutlook.com]

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