>GHS Class of 1975 reunion

>35 years! Below is a photo of the GHS 1975 Class Reunion, held August 14th at the Elks Lodge in Greenville. Photo by Dick Brown. Click on photo below for a larger image.

Front Row 1: Emma Garcia, Dana House Holzapfel, Lynn Maxwell Busse, and Tony Badger. Row 2: Greg Wilson, Lynn Sutton Williams, Melanie Brand Bonfiglio, Karen Pence Skiles, Jolene Rismiller Hangen, Kelly Shane Van de Grift, Ellen Murphy Spinks, Darla Graham Fisher, Jana Deeter, Kay McCullough Julian, Marlene Rogers Troutwine, Ruth Snyder Argo, and Susan Garrett. Row 3: Dave Bonfiglio, Clint Taylor, Randy Bonfiglio, Dan Fellers, Dave Suter, Cindy Preston Pierson, Debbie Hershey Miller, Susan Burns Hutzel, Kathy Miles Niehaus, Carol Mong Hill, Ann Ferling Marshall, Dee Rapier Combs, Melinda Westfall Wissel, Dawn Marker Dohme, Toni McMiller Midlam, Deb Karn, Alyce Rhoades Hirsch, Cathy Wolrab, and Melvin Reeser. Back Row 4: Mark White, Jim Sander, David Turner, Ed Rismiller, Tom Williams, Ben Studabaker, Chris Oda, Jane Light Tester, Frank Hittle, Kevin Bailey, Mike Fraer, Mark Bennett, Wayne Leohner, and Mike Rehmert. Reunion organizers: Greg Wilson, Dana Holzapfel, and Melinda Wissel.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on August 16, 2010 - 9:56 pm

    >Correction…Reunion organizers: Lynn Maxwell Busse, Dana House Holzapfel, Ellen Murphy Spinks, Kelly Shane Van de Grift, Greg Wilson, and Melinda Westfall Wissel.Thanks for all your help. It was great seeing everyone.G. Wilson

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