>ACME Fever – Catch it


Kathy Beam, ACME Baseball Commissioner would like to invite you to come out and watch some great baseball over the next few weeks.
ACME Baseball is a summer youth baseball program promoted as an extension of a spring high school baseball program into the summer.
ACME Baseball can strengthen a spring high school school program by keeping those high school players together playing baseball into the summer. With that said, The ACME Baseball Congress encourages high school baseball coaches to become involved with this program becasue of this.

All rules follow OHSAA rules and include sectional, district, and state play both for Varsity and JV divisional play.

ACME BASEBALL CONGRESS was formed in 1960 by a group of high school coaches in Mercer County.

ACME BASEBALL has 8 districts across the state of Ohio and over 200 teams participating. This year ACME Baseball is celebrating 50 years of summer baseball. GTI ACME Baseball was awarded the host site for the Jr ACME Tournament. The tournament will be played this upcoming weekend at GTI field at Sater Park. Anthony Wayne from the Toledo Area and Wapakoneta will be playing for the title.Game 1 is played at 1:00 Saturday followed with Game 2 at 1:00 Sunday and if needed 3:00. The tournament is a best of three championship. Archbold and Celina Mariners held the Regional Tournaments last week with all 8 districts competing for the finals.

ACME senior tournament will get underway on Saturday, July 24 in Celina at East View Park. This year’s tournament along with being a special 50th anniversary has been named after a long time coach and advocate of ACME, Ron Fortkamp. Ron was tragically killed last fall right before his induction in to the ACME Baseball Hall of Fame. Eight districts from around the State will play in a week long championship tournament.

What does the word ACME stand for?

Over the years we have heard numerous answers as to what the word and/or letters ACME stands for.
We are ruling out the Wil E. Coyote’s most used gadget company called ACME as from where it came.

The word ACME in the dictionary is as follows:

ac•me (āk’mē) n. The highest point, as of achievement or development: reached the acme of his career.

It was stated when it was created that it was the highest level or best baseball, and so be it that acme was the selected word.


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