>Wayne Theater Movie Review: Ice Age 3 (aka Dawn of the Dinosaurs)


Well, I watched the third part of the Ice Age trilogy without the “foundation” of ever having seen the first two. And after watching Ice Age 3, let’s just say I won’t go running out to rent the others.

Part of the problem here (I will admit) is that the two lead parts are voiced by Ray Romano and Queen Latifah. Isn’t Ray Romano played out yet? Wasn’t 15 years of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ enough? To his credit, at least Romano’s character wasn’t named “Ray” this time around (see Tony Danza), but his wooly mammoth character was a nerdy, bumbling husband just like the guy he played in the sitcom. Queen Latifah’s character was not nearly as annoying – and she is much more believable in the role of wooly mammoth.

There are some decent action sequences along the way, but overall there were just way too many slow spots in this one. And there is a whole “second story” of two foxes (I think) spending the entire movie chasing an acorn. Very weird!

The final nail in this coffin was the reaction of the 11-year-old and 7-year-old sitting next to me. There was no reaction. Maybe their expectations were a little high on the heels of “Monsters vs. Aliens” and “Up,” but the overall lack of child laughter in the room was noticeable.

Yahoo users gave Ice Age 3 an A-. The critics gave it a C. I’m with the critics on this one, although I’ll bump it to a C+. Enjoy your holiday weekend, and let your children watch this movie on video.

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